Watch Straps

All our watches are fitted with soft calf leather straps. With care you can expect your strap to look great, feel comfortable and fasten a watch to the wrist securely. Wearing your calf leather strap watch daily you can expect an average life span of about one year but with greater care the life of your watch strap can be extended for at least another six months or more. However, adverse condition and circumstances, such as repeated exposure to water or wearing the watch while playing sports can be reduced the life of a strap significantly.

We stock replacement straps to match your original Sidereus straps. Remember, a different strap colour can give a watch a new lease of life and express a more individual you. Select from an original Sidereus straps in a range of colours or try a Premium straps made with Magee Tweeds or Irish Dexter Leather.

Standard straps   

Our comfortable standard straps are made from fine calf leather and are lightly cushioned with a tapered profile. Stitching is normally the same colour as the strap, however, some straps may have contrasting stitching strap. All standard straps are embossed with the Sidereus logo and logotype.

Premium straps   

Our Premium level straps are designed to complement and perfectly frame your Sidereus timepiece. Some feature tweeds from Donegal and other are made with Dexter leather sourced from Killenure Castle in County Tipperary.

Magee Donegal tweed straps

The tweed straps are lined with fine calf leather and are lightly cushioned with a tapered profile and a rounded end. The straps are produced in Germany and feature a fabric loop retainer to keep the watch strap looking neat and tidy.

Hand weaving is a skill that has been passed down through the generations and it is suggested that the art of weaving may date as far back as the Palaeolithic era. Woven linen cloth has been found that dates back to the Neolithic period so we know for a fact that weaving cloth is a reassuringly ancient craft.


Our tweed straps feature fabrics from Magee, a fifth-generation family mill with over 150 years of experience designing, weaving and finishing luxury fabrics in Donegal, Ireland.

Traditionally a Donegal tweed was a hardwearing, course fabric that was handwoven by part-time fisherman/farmers and part-time weavers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The fabric was ideal for dissipating the damp and cold weather so often found in North-West of Ireland.

Today, Magee still design and produce handwoven fabric, namely the herringbone, inspired by fish bones and the ‘salt and pepper’, known as the ‘true Donegal tweed’. Donegal handwoven tweed is distinctive with bright flecks of colour woven through each piece. Heather purples, grass greens, fuchsia pinks, gorse yellows, sea blues and earthy browns to name but a few colours found in this unique fabric.

For our watch straps we use both handwoven fabrics and tweeds produced on power looms. These looms, introduced in the 1970’s, allow Magee to produce fabrics with greater consistency and with more intricate designs in comparison to the more traditional fabrics produced on the handlooms.

Irish Dexter Leather Straps

The Dexter cattle breed is one of only three native Irish breeds and the cattle are descended from the predominately black cattle of the early Celts. The breed owes its modern appearance to a Mr. Dexter who, in the late 1700’s, selectively bred cattle from the hardy mountain cattle of South Tipperary.

More recently the breed almost died out, however, farmers like Eavaun Carmondy of Killenure Castle continue the breed’s rich heritage with a herd of over eight hundred animals. Keen to exploit the full potential of the Killenure herd, Eavaun sends all the hides to an Italian tannery to produce this unique Irish Dexter leather.

Dexter straps are lightly cushioned with a tapered profile and a rounded end.

The Premium straps, whether in Magee tweed or Dexter leather and feature a fabric loop retainer that keeps the watch strap looking neat and tidy.

Premium straps come in two sizes, regular or long.