Newgrange Moon Phase

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Newgrange watches are inspired by the Neolithic structures and mythology surrounding Newgrange, the most famous tumulus within the Brú na Bóinne complex. The tumulus at Newgrange is orientated towards the position of rising sun at the winter solstice and is one of the oldest megalithic structures known to have an astronomical function.

In Celtic mythology, Newgrange (or Sí An Bhrú as it was once known) was the home to the greatest of the Celtic gods, the Dagda Mór, a god associated with fertility, manliness and strength and one that had the capacity to control and influence time and the seasons.

The side elevation of the tumulus at Newgrange is evident in the form factor of the two part stainless steel watch case designed by Bryan Leech, co-founder of Sidereus Watches. The Newgrange watch has been designed to honour our ancestors’ contribution to the art and science of horology and, in turn, the marking of time in Ireland for over 5,000 years.

Movementrings on the Newgrange models are engraved with the phrase ‘Towards longer days and shorter shadows’, an optimistic outlook to carry on your wrist.
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