Blue Planet

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Reserve Edition, only one available.
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Brand: Sidereus

Blue Planet represents planet Earth with its captivating blue dial and fully polished stainless-steel case, reminiscent of the boundless expanse of our oceans that colour our ‘Blue Planet’.

Cosmic Quartet features four meticulously crafted Reserve Edition watches, each bearing a distinct dial and case combinations reflective of our earth, our moon and more remote celestial elements.

Inspired by over 5,000 years of Irish horological heritage, the foursome pays homage to our own planet, and celestial bodies that have guided humanity's understanding of time and other heavenly bodies that continue to intrigue modern day astronomers.

Each Reserve Edition watch is engraved with the limited-edition number 09/50, to mark the inaugural British Watchmakers’ Day on the 9th March 2024.

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